My sculpture work is articulated from the own primary language of geometry and is usually applied to graphic design. I'm interested in rescuing the basic aesthetic derived from the forms and simple applications such as angles of 45 and 90 degrees, circles, spheres, squares, rectangles and cubes, primary and secondary colours, light to create objects that bring us a conceptual and aesthetic experience.

Technically, I play with the idea of recovering what already exists and presents available: plastics, metals, mother-boards, electrical installations, wiring, assembly, spray paint. My relationship with technology is essential, I use all kinds of tools and materials. I deliver from abandoned objects to resignify their own history and generate fun sculptures: a cat, a robot, a camera, a spaceship, a bull. The sculpture is a game for me and all I work with are toys, both tools such as finished sculptures.

I am struck by the idea of the rapid passage of time, "the obsolescence of the future"; scrap today is generated faster than before, our economic references make history precipitously; computers, cars, telephones, are becoming better and more capable than one or two decades before. But they are less durable, two or three years are unrelenting to turn them into trash. The waste generated is huge and there I see both raw material (metals, plastics) as well as substance in aesthetic terms. The technology alone is visually appealing to me; the forms of a mother board, the inside of a hard drive or any automotive engine are determined by their function and are created with some logic that the function itself and the technology gives them -without wanting it- a plastic generosity. So all these pieces, useless when they reach the cemetery of objects, are very rich to reinvent.